Hope Dies Last



  1. Convergence
  2. Hope dies Last
  3. Before the Dawn
  4. The Sharp Tongue that Cut the Righteous Throat
  5. Abaddon's Kiss
  6. Middle of Relinquish
  7. Endlessly
  8. Vulture
  9. The Architects (Shartstorm)
  10. Psychomanteum

Hope Dies Last

Abandoned with nothing
Torn between this dirt and a yellow sky
Ascend from these ashes
Born from catastrophic devastation
Pulling violently on the freys
Of our charming new burial shroud
Patiently counting down the days
Until our voices scream it out loud
Sew these words through my head
Assuring me that I’m not dead
They hold me together
These seams in me
Seem to be the only reason that I’m not falling apart
This monument built of locks and curls
Spent her life just roaming the world
Constructing a bouquet
Framing a memory
Forgetting monstrosity
All these dreams are kept up in her mask
Blistered hands reach up and untie
Then she said
Repeat after me
Don’t say I didn’t try
Because I know hope dies last
Approaching with caution
My only guard hanging by my side
Accepting offering
A tail of strength within this gift
Taking all my strength not to break
The silence that keeps us alive
Now we wait for the sun to take us
From long days to violent nights
lntel acquired
Foreshadowing events to come
I say we’re tired
(Dies irae)
Of listening to Death’s war drum
(Solvet saeclum in favilla)

Before the Dawn

This tomb will empty before the dawn
They come to find my lifeless body on the ground
Instead they find I’m nowhere
Nowhere to be found
Sunken eyes choose not to feast on temptations
That masquerade before them
Open minds surely will observe the path
Clearly blazed before them
So desperately failed to end my life
Just focus on the goal
Then go hang yourself
Why have you betrayed me?
Apologies pale to make things right
Just focus on the gold
Then go hang yourself
Back to the earth which you came
For I must ask why you weep
Am I not the one you are looking for?
Through slaughter we shall reclaim my world
Ending those confronting me
Resurrect from these ashes
Attesting undisputed eminence
My keepers shall lay in fear
And become like dead men

The Sharp Tongue That Cut The Righteous Throat

The Sharp Tongue that cut the righteous throat
Let us witness this optimist
Lose his crown only to drown
In a lake that is only half way full
With consumption
One’s reflection
A sounding horn
A narcissist is born
We won’t be forgotten
The verse burns inside our souls
You will be awakened
If not by the blood stains on the wall
Please anoint thy shield
Please keep my achilles heel concealed
Let my endpoint not be the potter’s field
Welcome the rain
To blanket your eyes from my storm
You’re all the same
Fearing my gambit and fearing my swarm
Go hide behind your recruits
An entire nation can’t hold me back
Feel as if you’re out of time
Because my axe is at your roots
The Sharp Tongue that cut the righteous throat
Dead with no reason left to gloat
Left with no sense to atone
Written upon your stone

Abaddon’s Kiss

First I lose sight of the shore
If I’m to cross this crippling abyss
Salute the stars
Embrace the darkness
Summoning Abaddon’s kiss
Product of a rooted world
Tradition taste bitter on a curious tongue
Regurgatate what fate has in store for me
I vow not to lay with a clean sword
I pray it’s not too late to conquer this world
First I lose sight of the shore
If I’m to cross this crippling abyss
Salute the stars
Embrace the darkness
Summoning Abaddon’s kiss of comforting silence
That reminds me that the monsters are inside us
No longer under our beds
Frustrating tide beckons I abide
A vessel of stone
Navigate alone
Surrogate for another’s horror
Must abort this nightmare it consumes my world
Sever this anchor that has been chained upon me
I have seen the beacon
A warning light cast from those before
But for some reason
I still tread lightly upon the shore

Middle of Relinquish

Fresh blood opens infected eyes
Its impressionable mind is reeling
As he watches sands pour by
Wonder what his soul is revealing
Sometimes we forget what gave birth to our obsessions
Resurrect skeletons
Raid the tomb
Set the tone
When will my mark be made
Try not to fade into obscurity
Embracing adversity
Flaunting what he thinks is appealing
Overcoming adversity
Unleash the weapon he once was concealing
Into obscurity we march with our heads held high
Never looking for a bread crumb trail
In the middle
Where the destination is just as close as the starting line


We’ll burn the demons
That harbor within your eyes
We’re endlessly running
Exist and die like mayflies
Tonight we must devour the stars
And burn the Earth
Just to prove It’s our’s
It’s just so right
To rule the streets with the rats
And in turn we shall skin all the cats
Underneath a canopy pierced with holes while others sleep
Swarm above
We can’t comprehend retreat
All is fine
All is well
Expedite our minds from hell
Abandon judgement we won’t accept defeat
Theres no time to hesitate
Why don’t you just liberate
Do I have any allies
Does anyone else have the same enemies as me
Exhale vapors made of concern
A calm commotion
Is all you will discern
Turn back the clock
Arms have been put into motion
Parallel to the train that sits at the station
Wings of desire
Spread through the night like fire
In lieu of fear
We ascend like no other


Observing you rest as the night grows cold
Concealing my terror let the truth be told
I can no longer hide my anxiety
Withholding these actions that appear too bold
Possessing your hand I suggest you fold
Am I no longer safe in society
A cursed light blinding me
Burning through my tortured soul
Only I shall know
Disease has made my things visible
Don’t label me just a criminal
Is it my defects that make me that much stronger
Never found my mind to be biddable
The screams of your tale so pivotal
Is it my fault that your heart will beat no longer
A vulture’s eye
I want you to haunt me
Thats why I’m here rotting with you
Oh how they will hunt me
Dress me for a trial
Heard all things in the heavens
Eyes sewn shut in hell
Can’t reflect upon my actions
For reason I will never tell

The Architects (Shartstorm)

Never took note of the moon rise
I always left it to the tide
Watch them dance over my feet
Mocking me as they eat away at my soul
Feasting on my ambitions
Hypnotizing me into this rabbit hole
Delegate one’s shores
Celebrate the gore
Once we thought we were the gun
But we were merely ammunition
Forced to explode but only in one direction
Fight this war of attrition
Once believed that we were the architects
Merely just a medium
How we were moved but not at our discretion
Well I see the picture but a piece is missing
For every happy ending there is another flip side
The other side of the coin
Where everybody dies
Robust optimism has no place in this life
Conceive domination
Only one man lived twice


Inspecting this behemoth as it meanders flat across my wall
I can’t reach them
But they sure have scarred me with my consent
But they sure have shown me
Not everything is as colorless as it might have seemed
Run my fingers up and down these walls
I swear, I swear
I can feel them pulling me away
So young
But I choose death over becoming another statistic
Just another shadow of a boy
High strung but just sit and take a minute
What has this done to his mind
Its not unlike this world to destroy
All I need
A familiar face
To be free
Memories embrace me
Attain suspension above
This cloud they’ve labeled normality
What is right?
Why do I still fight?
This never ending battle with my allies at my side
Never question my intentions my antagonist is not inside
Poison the well thats inside of me
Losing our identity that defines who we are
(Endlessly sowing dragon’s teeth under our feet)
Approach this fire as it burns
Our minds made up
Nothing will clear our heads from the equations inside
My concentration is far different than yours
It’s not broken
It’s not wrong
It’s not incomplete though often it suffocates
I said, often it suffocates
These walls they close in on me
I should be fine
Because I know that in due time
They will have a roof
My routine becomes normal
Regiment Brought turmoil
I must stop the assassination of my chimera
It breathes through me
These memories of sowing dragons teeth are what keep me alive
What is chaos for this diptera
Is just another day for this arachnoid fool
Keep spinning webs that execute