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Columbus, Ohio – Progressive Melodic Death/Thrash/Trance/Whatever Metallers MITHRIDIUM announce our intention to whittle through the 30 or so song ideas we have placed on the back burner for the past few years and focus on preparing 10-ish songs (see photo) for our third full-length album.  We have decided to abandon our earlier idea of focusing all attention on releasing singles to the world.  We work better as collaborators with a full album mindset and our fans in the metal community prefer physical albums compared to individual song downloads.  This will allow us to pay more attention to our songwriting, structures, and generate a theme that will be carried across the album.  The previous singles we released will be revisited and remastered to fit the theme.  We are still in the planning stage and are also looking into our recording technology.  Only the best from this point forward.  We want our songs to sound like they do in our heads. Stay tuned for status posts.