“A Look Inside The Ink In The Clink: Sunday July 17th”
The Rust Belt Chronicles
August 4, 2016 by Lynn Crochet

“MITHRIDIUM are a progressive melodic, thrash metal band out of Columbus, Ohio. This band wasted no time laying the heavy riffs in a full-out onslaught of fury! The myriad of band members performing in different time-signatures, was catchy and had my head moving to the beat. MITHRIDIUM can thrash at break-neck speed, but the interesting element is their progressiveness as they inspire their fans. This band featured their newest CD single, ‘Breeding Annihilation’‘ and engaged the crowd with their appeal, stage show and raw sound! The quickening pace of this band is frightening with old school, black metal and a fortitude of musical metal genres. MITHRIDIUM isn’t for the weak of heart, these guys will pound the metal down your throat from beginning to end. Take note, if you’re looking for a release of tension, MITHRIDIUM fits the bill!” (http://therustbeltchronicles.com/look-inside-ink-clink-sunday-july-17th/ )


Covering the Scene  “Decapitated in Columbus” November 23, 2014.
Concert Review by author Mike Ritchie.

“Started in 2008, Mithridium topped the local bill with some progressive, melodic, old school black metal, thrash and speed. Named after a king that literary picked his poisons, started with the eight minute “Hope Dies Last.” The crowd danced just like marionettes to the symphonies. If Dragonforce merged with Emperor to spawn a new breed under the Norwegian sun, we’d have Mithridium. “Before the Dawn” started us stalking through the cold morning dark forest, complete with sub-zero temperatures and leather jackets looking for that perfect black metal group pic. The “Vulture” flew over a wave of synthesized air and wind as Eric Slone did his best Devin Townsend meets Blackie Lawless over thrash guitars. “The Sharp Tongue that Cut the Righteous Throat” had the elements and sound of a deep forest campfire turning ritualistic with Strapping Young Lads thrashing chaotically around the flames.

There were mixes of industrial elements along the synth, giving a small mechanical touch of Fear Factory and some British guitar nods to Maiden. They’ve supported Battlecross, Exhumed, Mobile Deathcamp, Nile and Helloween among many others. Hope Dies Last is out now.”


Once again, Kit Eckman had this to say about Mithridium’s performance at Warriors of Metal Fest VII:
“Today’s “oddball” band was Mithridium, a local Columbus, Ohio act that played the mainstage early in the morning on the last day of WOM Fest VI. They don’t fit neatly within the power/trad/classic metal parameters of the Fest, being more modern and a bit harsher in their approach. I actually think that works to Mithridium’s advantage, though. Some two dozen bands deep into the Fest, it was refreshing to have a change of pace with a band working somewhat outside the stylistic boxes inhabited by their colleagues. It also helps matters that the Mithridium boys are great friends of WOM Fest, having hung out all year at least year’s event and having provided myriad support and assistance to Datis & Lea last year and this year. If I’m not mistaken, it was Mithridium’s suggestion to hold the Fest at O’Shecky’s Live this year. Drummer Tony Kaliszewski graciously lent his kit to the pre-party for WOM Fests VI and VII, and always seemed to be standing nearby the stage as a “drum tech on-call” whenever a need arose this weekend. The point is that it’s really easy to root for a band comprised of good guys, and Mithridium fit that bill.  And of course it doesn’t hurt that guitarist/vocalist Eric Slone is an imposing frontman and the material is powerful, punishing even, without sacrificing melody. I never would have heard or seen this band without WOM Fest, but I sure am glad I did.”


Veteran concert-goer, touring roadie, and all-around true metal fan, Kit Eckman had this to say about Mithridium’s performance at Warriors of Metal Fest Open Air VI:
“Before I knew it, it was 10:45 a.m. and the Flotsam & Jetsam guys were on the grounds to soundcheck. For whatever reason, their soundcheck ran past the 11:00 a.m. designated start time for Mithridium’s set by a good 10-15 minutes, but thankfully the time was made up shortly and the event ran on time today, just as it did yesterday.

Local metallers Mithridium had been champs all weekend long. They provided the backline and drums for the Thursday night event, and their drummer basically acted as a tech for every single band that performed that night. Other band members could be viewed at various times volunteering in various capacities. For their generous contributions to the Fest, Mithridium were “rewarded” with the most difficult time slot of any fest: First band on the last day. And of course, their circumstances were complicated further by the late start when Flotsam’s sound check ran a bit long. Still, Mithridium took it in stride and kicked in a crushing set to start the day. Definitely one of the heavier, more aggressive bands of the weekend, Mithridium weren’t exactly thrash, but they were very dark, very heavy and very powerful. This was great music for waking the f**k up, blasting out the cobwebs, and gearing up for another day of metal. The small audience at the front of the stage wasn’t exactly awake yet, and their singer/guitarist (foot propped up on an upside-down milk crate) acknowledged that “it’s way too early for this,” but Mithridium made the best of the hand they were dealt and provided a fine beginning to Saturday.”


To fully appreciate the band’s energy, it is a must to see their live stage performance. The intensity and chemistry the band displays is second to none. Steve Dustcircle from Columbus Music Review refered to their first album’s CD release party as a “killer show with a lot of crowd interaction.” Steve also noted the high energy of the performance, stating that Mithridium’s entrance “gave him chills.”
(columbusmusicreview.blogspot.com [defunct])


According to Kevin Stewart-Panko of Decibel magazine, “In the Absence of Adversity sounds like what people in America call American metal. It’s like a friendly mix of thrash, metalcore and Iron Maiden tailored to please the beer drinking, tribal tattooed, 3XL t-shirt crowd. This isn’t something I’d listen to much of, but at the same time Mithridium isn’t bad if you’re sick of other people doing their shitty imitations of Lamb of God, Trivium, Chimaira and Pantera.”

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